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Digital cone-beam computed tomography in Radiology

Nothing is better than retaining the natural tooth as long as possible. State-of-the-art dentistry has many different technologies at its disposal to preserve a tooth, even if the canal system is very delicate and has lots of curves. White Bear Lake endodontics has acquired technology that will cover your entire treatment sequence – from diagnosis to trepanantion to measurement, preparation and follow-up.

CBCT Machine

More and more Dental Practices are using the added value provided by CBCT as a supplement to traditional X-rays. The advantages of CBCT are better detailed images because of much smaller voxel sizes, lower slice thickness, minimal artifacts and lower radiation dosage. Radiology combines the areas of indications of ENT, plastic surgery, skull base surgery, ophthalmology, maxillofacial surgery, and dental applications. Due to its ability to capture a variety of image volumes (fields of view or FOV) The RD-100 unit helps us with

  • providing high-definition images
  • Visualization of the marginal bone contour
  • Apical periodontitis, radicular cysts
  • Implant planning Control
  • Pre- and Post-operative visualization of important anatomical structures for dental-surgical procedures, fractures.
  • Morita’s diagnostic equipment is designed to make patient dose as low as reasonably achievable.

The radiation level of Morita Digital Panoramic X-ray equipment for one panoramic shot is about a half amount of cosmic radiation exposed on the flight from Washington DC to Los Angeles. When flying in an airplane you are exposed to a slight increase in cosmic radiation due to the higher altitude and thinner atmosphere.

Morita strives to minimize radiation dose in all of its diagnostic units.

Radiation dose for common things in every day life
Radiation dose for common things in every day life